precision wall – mounted / clamp on ultrasonic flow meter

clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Quick Details

Smart: good stability
Output: 4-20ma
Protocol: HART
Type: flowmeter
Stability: 1 years
Package: standard
Payment: 2-4 weeks
Origin: made in China
Delivery time: 2 weeks



  • Power supply: AC220V/0.1A or DC24V/1A
  •  Output: DC4-20mA or DC0-20mA
  • Medium temperature:-10°C~+130°C
  • Measuring diameter: DN50-DN3000mm
  • Display cycle: 250ms
  • The length of the signal transmission: ≤300m
  • Installation dimensions: 200x150x100mm
  • Accuracy: 1% FS
  • Weight: about 3kg
  • Probe types:1MHZ,500KHZ


Main features

  • Precision measurement linearity better than 0.5%, repeatability better than 0.2%, the measurement accuracy of better than ± 1%
  • Measuring range selection of different types of sensors can be realized DN15 ~ diameter pipeline flow measurement DN6000mm
  • Support different versions of the flowmeter English menu, can support Chinese or English menu, convenient
  • High reliability and low-voltage, multi-pulse transmitter circuit, accuracy, service life and reliability of a substantial increase
  • Anti-interference ability double balanced differential signal transmitter and receiver circuits, effectively resist the strong interference source inverter, tower, power lines, etc.
  • Powerful memory function before 64 days automatic memory, the first 64 months, the first 5-year cumulative flow, automatic memory 64 times before calls and power outages and traffic, 64 days before the automatic memory meter working status is normal.



TFStandard 1000SStandard 2000SStandard 1000LHigh-Tem S1HHigh-Tem M1H
MaterialABSSpecial high-temperature materials
Frequency of working1MHz
Installation methodV (N,W)wayV,Z wayZ wayV (N,W)wayV,Z way
CalibrationPairing Machine Calibration
levels of protectionIP68(Work can be flooded, water depth≤3m)
Weight (g)7525065094150
Medium Can ultrasonically conductive Single, uniform and stable liquid Water, sea water,sewage, alcohol, oils, etc.
Turbidity of Medium ≤20000ppm  and content small bubbles
Material of pipe Uniform mass density of pipeline steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, glass, steel,etc.
Material of liningEpoxy asphalt, rubber, plaster,Polypropylene, polystyrene, bakelite, teflon and etc.
CableSEYV75-2 dedicated shielded cable, single can be extended to 300 meters, the cable should be applied when wiring metal sleeve to increase immunity,

Notice:Don’t to make the parallel cable and high-voltage cables, try to avoid the inverter and other interference sources


Features Overview

• measuring linearity better than 0.5%, repeatability better than 0.2%, up to 40 picoseconds time difference measurement resolution, the measurement accuracy of ± 1%.
• Each measurement period 128 meter time difference data acquisition aided by newly developed analysis software, performance, display data more stable, accurate, linearity better.
• Isolated RS485 dual interface, can be passed between the meter and the second table RS485 bus communication, transmission distance km or more.
• accuracy of 0.1% with a three-way analog input interface, can be connected to the temperature and pressure signals.
• 1 4-20 mA analog output can be used as flow / heat transmitter.
• 2-way 3-wire PT100 resistance signal input can be used as heat meters.
• 3 4-20 mA analog inputs can be used as data acquisition, analog inputs can be used as a digital input interface.

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