cable drop-in type hydrostatic pressure sensor

submersible pressure transmitter with junction box

Basic Info

Certification: ISO
Customized: Customized
Display: Digital
Function: Electric Signal-Controlled
Accuracy: 0.5
Indicating Pressure Reference: General Pressure Gauge
Application: Industrial
Structure: Fluid Column Pressure Gauge
Connection Type: Screw or Flange Connection
Measuring Range: Low-Pressure Gauge


Product Description

Cable drop-in type hydrostatic pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, hydrostatic pressure testing

Key Specifications/Special Features:


Adapts high performance pressure core as sensitive unit
Reasonable industrial structures which are all stainless steel sealed
Amplifying circuit has been laser compensated which can assure measured data reliable
Electrical connection cable applies military anti-corrosion air-conduction cable, so back-pressure chamber directly connected with atmosphere
Can transmit measured pressure to 4 to 20mA standard current signal, combined with other instruments to achieve automatic control
Suitable for various industrial tank liquid measurements
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, electric power, water conservancy, environment-protection, beer and ships tanks


Working temperature: 0 to 100° C
Accuracy class:
Class 0.1: ± 0.1% (basic error)
Class 0.3: ± 0.3% (basic error)
Class 0.5: ± 0.5% (basic error)
Hot zero drift: When condition temperature is out of working temperature range, transmitter's zero drift value can be not larger than 0.03%FS/° C
Hot sensitivity drift: With high accuracy, nice stability, sensor can realize temperature compensation at 0 to 65° C temperature and through circuit compensation, can eliminate effects which because of temperature drift
Insulation resistance: During defined temperature range, insulation resistance value between transmitter ends and ground can't be less than 20MΩ /250V

Explosion-proof performance

Instrument conforms to Exia II CT4
Back cover
Front cover
Waterproof wire
Liquid level detector
Connection: 4 to 20mA
Primary Competitive Advantages:
Country of Origin China supplier
Experienced Staff 10year instrument experence
Price economic price
Product Features
Product Performance
Prompt Delivery
Namefloating level transmitter
output2-wire 2~20mA, switching alarm, LCD, Hart optional
Level rangeH=0.1~30m(special assemble if longer than 6m)
AccuracyA:+/-5mm, B: +/-10mm, C: +/-20mm
Fluid temperature-20~150ºC
Electric PowerDC 24V

Model selection

UQK-Bfloater level transmitter
structure1float ball diameter:45mm. H1=40mm, H2=30mm
276mm, H1=50mm, H2=40mm
3125mm, H1=80mm, H2=65mm
Pangle plate bracket
Aadjustable screw is optional
Other functionPpressure <0.6MPa
SDigital display
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