diameter 12.6mm oem high stable and high accurate pressure sensor

oil pressure sensor

Quick Details

type: pressure sensor
usage: Industrial usage
place of origin: Baoji, China(mainland)
power supply: 12-24VDC (10-30VDC)
Output: 12-36VDC/24VDC
Setting distance: 0-1.4mm, 0-2.8mm, 0-5.6mm...
Control output: max.200ma
Accuracy: 0.1%FS; 0.2%FS; 0.5 %FS
Media: gas, air, liquids, weak corrosive
Certificate: ISO9001-2008


Company Information

Our company specializing in the production of sensors,transmitters and related products,which is applicable to all different fields. Our factory is located in Baoji city,China,our foreign trade company and team is located in the beautiful coastal city,Dalian city.We have best support from our own professional senior technical team,more than 10 years experienced producing experience and professional production line. The products are sold into different countriesand regions all over the world.

We adhere to the principle of "excellence work,customer first"and we sincerely hope that we can achieve win-win and long-term cooperation.We deserve your trust.



·Pressure range: 0kPa~100kPa…100MPa

·Gauge, absolute and sealed gauge

·Constant current / Constant Voltage power supply

·Isolated construction, enable to test measure various fluid media

·Φ12.6mm compact size OEM pressure sensor

·Stainless steel 316L/ Hastelloy C materials

·Wide temperature compensation range -10℃~80℃



·Industrial process control             ·Level measurement            ·Gas, liquid pressure measurement

·Pressure inspection meter            ·Pressure calibrator             ·Liquid pressure system and switch

·Cooling equipment and air conditioner                                     ·Aviation and navigation inspection



AR3203  piezoresistive pressure sensor is OEM pressure sensor with stainless steel isolated diaphragm, the whole product has integrated construction, high endurance, high stability and good reliability , it can be used specially for middle and high pressure measurement.

The sensor using high accurate and stable pressure die, are produced on the advanced production line. Sensors are tested automatically, and compensated zero and temperature performance with provided resistors.

The installation dimension is consistent with general products which makes the sensor has a good interchangeability.


Linearity ** ±0.2±0.25%FS,BFSL
Repeatability ±0.05±0.075%FS
Hysteresis ±0.05±0.075%FS
Zero output  ±3mV DC
FS output70  mV DC
Zero thermal error ±0.75±1.0%FS, @35℃
Span thermal error ±0.75±1.0%FS, @35℃
Compensated temp. range ***-10~80
Working temp. range-40~125
Storage temp. range-40~125
Stability ±0.1±0.2%FS/year
* testing at basic condition

** 100MPa pressure sensor’s linearity: typ. ±0.30, max. ±0.35(units ±%FS,BFSL)

***03,07, Compensated temp. range,0~70℃,@35℃

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