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Sanitary-Flush-Diaphragm-Pressure-Transmitter with LED display

Quick Details

Product: Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter
Pressure range: 0~35kPa...20MPa
pressure type: gauge (G), absolute (A), sealed gauge (S)
overpressure: 150%FS or 110MPa(min. value is valid)
output signal: 4~20mA 0~5Vdc 1~5Vdc 0~10Vdc 0.5~4.5Vdc
power supply: 15~28V 0~10Vdc 0.5~4.5Vdc
accuracy: 0.25%FS(typ.) 0.5%FS(max.)
electrical interface: DIN43650,option1.5m cable connection
pressure interface: M20x1.5,G1/2,
material of pressure membrane: 316L stainless steel


Product Description

GPT210 sanitary pressure transducer adopts GS series piezoresistive flat membrane silicon oil-filled sensing element as the signal measuring element, with stainless steel diaphragm which can be compatible with gas or dilute liquid With a flush diaphragm process connection, so it is mainly applied to general applications such as food,pharmaceutical and chemical liquid pressure measurement.


flush diaphragm
pressure range: 0~35kPa...20MPa
gas or dilute liquid compatible with 316LSS
high reliability and stability



process control system
biological products
food hygiene

Product Parameter


Pressure range0~35kPa...20MPa
pressure type  gauge (G), absolute (A), sealed gauge (S)
Overload pressure 

150%FS or 110MPa(min. value is valid)

Accuracy0.25%FS(typ.)                            ±0.5%F.S
long-term stability≤0.3%FS/year
 temp.coefficient of zero  ±0.02%FS/°C(typ.)                  ±0.03%FS/°C(max.)
 temp.coefficient of span   ±0.02%FS/°C(typ.)                  ±0.03%FS/°C(max.)
Operating temperature-20°C~80°C
compensate temperature0°C~70°C
  storage temperature range 


Medium compatibilityAll corrosive medium compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Electrics featureTwo-wire typeThree-wire type
Output signal4~20mA0~5V 1~5V0~10V
Power supply15~28Vdc15~28Vdc15~28Vdc
Load resistanceR≤(U-15)/0.02 (for 4/20mA)R>100kΩ(for votage output)
Insulating resistance>100M Ω@100V
electrical interfaceDIN43650,option1.5m cable connection
pressure interfaceM20x1.5,G1/2 (customer request)
material of pressure membrane316L stainless steel
material of housing  1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel
response time(10%~90%)≤10ms
shock/impact  10gRMS,(20~2000)Hz / 100g,11ms
protection  IP65


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