level switch

Level Switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level. Capacitance, RF admittance, paddle, vibrating rod, and tuning fork models are the different types of level switches available.

Capacitance level switches traditional use is for non-metallic materials such as: plastics industry, chemical industry, wood industry, ceramic and glass industry, and packing industry.

RF Admittance Level switch develops from the technology of capacitor level measurement. It is a kind of level control technology that features hanging resistant, more reliable, more accurate and more wider application. The admittance in RF admittance means reciprocal of resistance from electricity perspective. It consists of resistance, capacitance and inductance, while RF refers to emitting high frequency of radio.

Rotating paddle level switches applications include mining, silos, hoppers, food & beverage, and grain silos.

Tuning Fork level switches is cost effective choice for level control of powders and fine grained solids. They are easy to use and applications include mining, chemical processing, and food & beverage.

Vibrating Rod level switches are economical in level detection of powders and bulk solids. Perfect for silo or hopper applications. The probe design allows for self-cleaning, ensuring no build-up or bridging of material and accurate detection.