rf admittance level switch level sensor

Cheap guided wave radar level transmitter 4-20ma water level transmitter
Basic Info

Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: CE, UL, RoHS
Material: SS304
Process Temperature: -20℃~80℃
Medium: Liquid Water Oil
Pressure: Very High Pressure
Connecting Method: Flange, Thread
Warranty Period: 1year
Transportation: Shipping, Air Freight
Export Markets: Global
Transport Package: Wooden Case or Carton
Specification: sgs, iso


Product Description

RF Admittance Level Switch with more advanced technology to replace capacitive RF admittance measurement, adhesion of materials to solve the problem, compared to other similar products with higher system stability, even in extreme field conditions, it can work reliably, and are not linked to material, temperature, pressure, density, humidity, and even the impact of changes in chemical properties of materials, performance, reliable, widely used for ash, mortar, cement clinker, coal and other media level measurement.

Measurable level and material level, to meet the different temperature, pressure, media measurement requirements.
Linked material impact from the sensor, without regular cleaning, to avoid incorrect measurements.
Measurement with no moving parts, no mechanical parts damage problems.
No maintenance, intelligence-free transfer.
Contact measurement, anti-interference ability, can overcome the steam, foam, and mixing on the measurement of the impact...
Measuring the amount of diversity, so that more accurate measurement, the measurement from environmental change, high stability.
Products are reliable, long service life.

Power supply: 220 ± 25VAC, 50/60Hz, maximum 5W; 24VDC optional
Output: DPDT Relay output (DPDT)
Contact capacity: 230VAC/5A no sense, 3A felt
Ambient temperature: -40º C+70 º C
Medium temperature: -220º C ~ +800 º C
Delay: 0.2 to 30 seconds adjustable (optional)
Repeatability: Conductive medium: 2mm; Dielectric: 50mm
Housing: Explosion-proof cast aluminum or ABS
Explosion-proof areas: Cable, sensing element in a Zone 2 intrinsically safe for all groups
Explosion-proof enclosure of the circuit unit in Zone 1, Zone 2 explosion within all groups
Protection class: IP68
Sensor material: See selection table specific
Sensor components are installed: R3 / 4 thread (standard), flange (optional)
Cable Interface: M20 × 1.5
Cable length: Split the cable between the sensor and electronic unit provided by the manufacturer, the standard length of 3 meters
Output Isolation: 1000V signal line to the sensor than
Conductive, insulating liquid: ...Chemical, oil, water and sewage treatment
Conductive, insulating paste: ...Paper, pharmaceutical, water and sewage treatment
Powder: Gray, pink...Power plants, metallurgy, cement
Particles: Coal, food...Power plants, metallurgy, food
Interface: Different two liquids...Oil, chemicals
? Electronics housing type A: Plastic PBTP
? Electronics housing type B: Aluminum
? Sensor probe B: Stainless steel rod extended up to 3M, the shortest 0.4M
? C-type sensor probe: The longest cable-type 35M, the shortest 0.5M
? Protect the electrode probes: Standard 100mm or 300mm
RF Admittance Level Switch the RF admittance level meter [2], RF Admittance Level meter potentiometer sensitivity adjustment potentiometer W1 as: LED color display lights green light in the absence of material state, material state with red light. Instrument is powered, the material level is below the set value, the green light, then slowly adjust the potentiometer clockwise W1 to just the red light, then 3 turns counterclockwise adjustment (0.5 for non-conductive materials, 3 laps, conductive material 5 7 laps) and green light (with lights display the status of the output relay contacts change state should also be changed). Should be based on measurements of different parts of the media sensor cover materials should be about 75mm.

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