high precision drinking coffee machine hall flowmeter flow sensors

Drinking coffee machine Hall flowmeter flow sensor

Quick Details

Category: MJ-HZ41CF Flow sensors
Lead Free Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer
Maximum Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 125C
Warranty: 360days
Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 125C
Dissipation Power: 1W-6W
Application: Watch

Product Description

The main flow of the turbine rotor assembly of the switch housing, the magnetic rotor, the brake ring. When using the flow switch mode, its performance is superior to mechanical pressure plate structure, and the size was significantly reduced. When switching the flow through the turbine housing, pushing the magnet rotor rotates, different magnetic poles close to the Hall element of the Hall element turned off leaving the Hall element. Thus, the measure of the rotor speed.

According to the measured water flow, the rotor speed and the output signal (voltage) curve can determine the starting pressure of the water heater, and start corresponding actuation pressure water flow speed of the rotor to start. The control can be realized when the rotor speed is greater than the speed of the water heater starts to start work; starts when the speed is less than the speed of the water heater stopped working. Such heaters start pressure is generally set at 0.01 MPa, start water flow 3 ~ 5 L / min (water heaters must meet the highest standards limiting the temperature rise).

In addition, because the water in the magnetic field of permanent magnet material is cut down, it becomes magnetized water, the oxygen content of the water increases, after bathing people feel fresh. The role of the brake ring is without water, to stop the high-speed rotation of the magnetic rotor, terminate the pulse signal output. The controller does not receive the pulse signal, immediately close the valve controlling the gas proportional valve, cut off the gas supply, prevent dry.


Electrical Description

1, eco-friendly design, food-grade POM material, compact and practical, can be arbitrary angle adjustment;
2, double-ended structure of 6mm cannula connection is more convenient;
3, the Hall element is imported from Japan, sensitive and reliable;
4, flow range :0.3-6L / min, working voltage: DC5-24V, rated voltage DC5V;
There are two flow ranges of this product, namely 0.3-3L/min ,0.5-6L / min.
5, the output voltage (rated DC5V): High above 4.5V, low 0.5V or less; pulse output duty cycle is 50 ± 10%;
6, designed for low flow and pharmaceutical machinery to build small water flow sensor, but also can be used for electrical and mechanical equipment.
7, section specially designed for demanding customers customized, precision can reach 2%, about 4000HZ / L.


Installation instructions

1, the installation location should be away from the inlet, otherwise the switch due to fluctuations in the outlet of the intake and cause malfunction.
2, is controlled by the load line must match the float switch contact capacity.
3, the proportion of liquid to be measured must be greater than the proportion of the float.
4, the float action points have been adjusted according to the requirements of customer orders at the factory, please do not arbitrarily adjust the float position.

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