electromagnetic flow meters led display used sewage treatment water

Electromagnetic Flow meters with LED display

Quick Details

Diameter of sensor: DN10~ DN600
Accuracy: ±0.5% of the index value ±0.008m/s
fluid conductivity: >5us/m
Medium velocity: 0-10m/s setting automatically
Electrode form: standard interpolation
Electrode material: stainless steel 316L
Lining materials: PTFE
Measuring temperature: - 20-140 C
Warranty: 1 year
Shipping: DHL, FEDEX, TNT

Performance & Characteristics

1, It is suitable for all liquid flow test of conductivity of greater than 5. Conductivity change does not affect the performance of the change.
2, The flow meter has the long-term high accuracy of measurement. It actually is not affected by fluid physical properties. Measurement accuracy can be up to 1, 0.5.
3, The flow meter is with no mechanical and moving parts, usually without maintenance.
4, Convenient operation, the flow meter is set automatically according to the scope of 0 ~ 10 m/s, without change of measuring range.
5, Because of all the parts in contact with the medium under test, have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so the applicability is wide.
6, In measuring medium containing oil or to the electrode surface sedimentary cover a layer of conductive material medium, can choose a convertible (scrub) electrode.
7, Use advanced excitation algorithm.
8, Using the world's most excellent integrated circuit to eliminate the influence of excitation switch and using compensation method of excitation current, finally up to the optimal stability of the product.
9, Use high efficiency, high stability and designed the wide input range of multiple sets of the isolating switch power supply.
(DC: 18-36V; AC: 85V-265V).
Have a lot of output interface design, using conveniently:
A) 4-20 mA current output;
B) To set the pulse output;
C) The RS485 interface. Self-check function.
10, High-definition main LCD backlight display in Chinese of four lines on a large screen.
11, When power off, EEPROM can protect set parameters and total value.
12, Provide nonlinear correction function of five sections of sensor
13, With functions of automatic operation for average flow rate, easy to calibration of instrument.

Working Conditions

Ambient temperature -20- 55C
Ambient humidity 5% - 95%
Power supply AC220V±10%
Operating power <10 W
Maximum working temperature 70–140C

Technical Parameters

Diameter of sensor DN10~ DN600
Connection level Accord with national standard GB/T9119-2000
The fluid conductivity >5us/m
Medium velocity 0-10m/s setting automatically
Electrode form standard interpolation
Electrode material stainless steel 316L
Lining materials PTFE
Measuring temperature - 20-140 C
protection grade Standard IP65


Converter (i.e., secondary instrument)

Shell material shell material
Protection grade explosion-proof type
Normal operating temperature - 10 ~ + 40 C
Storage temperature 0~ +40 C
Using the environment temperature relative humidity 5%-90%
Power supply AC220V -15%~+10%
The power consumption <10W
Load resistance 0-20mA, 250-750 Ohm
Output signal
A) All isolated output current: 4-20 mA.
According to the content
A) Instantaneous show for four decimal point can be mobile
B) Cumulative displayed for 8-bit decimal point can be mobile
Output can be selected by the user, such as output terminal of three way
A) 4 ~ 20 mA
B) The amount of frequency
C) Accuracy of 1.0%
D) Constant current characteristic of 1.0%
E) Power supply:
DC18V-36V DC
AC85V-265V AC


Note for installation

1. Environment for installation should be dry and wind, avoid shining from sun, temperature of environment is not more than 40 degC.
2. It should be far away from high magnetic place o electric equipment. Such as large transformer, welding machines.
3. It is should be far away from the place including NH3, acid fog.
4. The direction of fluid flow is similar with flow mark.
5. Pipe is installation should be filled with measuring medium. it cannot be empty.
6. The instrument should not be installed inside pipe with negative pressure avoiding lining shedding.

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