flow measuring instruments flanged electromagnetic water flow meter

flanged electromagnetic water flow meter

Quick Details

Product Name: Flow measuring instruments flanged electromagnetic water flow meter
Liner Material: FEP, NE, PU, PTFE, PFA
Medium Temperature: -40~180℃
Pressure: 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 5.0, 6.4 MPa (or specified by customer)
Protection Level: IP65, IP67, IP68
Work Power: 220VAC, 100V~240VAC, 24VDC (0.5A)
Current Output: 4~20mA
Communication: RS485 (Modbus-RTU Modbus-Ascii) Hart
Structure: Integrated type, Split type
Diameter: DN3~DN2000


Flange type electromagnetic flowmeter consists of the converter of EMF85, and the sensor of flange type.

Flange type sensor uses the way of connecting the flange with pipe,It has various types of electrode material and lining material.

The sensor and converter can be combined into intergrated or split electromagnetic flowmeter.

Flange type electromagnetic flowmeter can be widely used not only in genaral process test,but also in the chemical industry,water-supply,waste-water monitoring ore pulp or paper plup etc.


Technical Parameters

Display 3-line English LCD display,directly show the data of forward and reverse flow,percentage of the flow and flow velocity.


 Setting the parameter with the botton
 Language Chinese,English
 Current  Output 4-20mA,  Load Resistance ≤ 500Ω (can choose with HART protocol )
 PIO CCan choose passive pulse output,active pulse output,state output/alarm output.
Passive pulse output  30VDC(Off),200mA(On); 0.0001~5000HZ; Pulse width:50% duty cycle or  the  fixed  value(≤100ms)
 Active pulse output 0.0001~2HZ,≤150mA,15VDC±20%;Pulse width:≤100ms(The default  value:20ms)
 State/Alarm Output  Contact capacity:30VDC(Off), 20mA(On) can choose relay output
Communication RS485(MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-ASCⅡ)
 Power Supply 220VAC, 24VDC, 100-240VAC
 Alarm Empty pipe alarm, reverse alarm, upper limit and lower limit alarm.
 Potection Level IP67
 Accuracy 0.5, 0.3
 Structure Intergrated type, Split type


Technical data of Flange type sensor

Application All conductive liquid including water,beverage,various of corrosive media and liquid-solid two-phase  fluid(mud,paper pulp).
 Diameter DN3~DN2000
 Pressure 0.6~4.0MPa(Depend on the different diameters,reference sheet 1,special pressure

can be customized)

Electrde Material SS316L,Hc,Hb,Ti,Ta,W,Pt
 Lining Material Ne,PTFE,PU,FEP,PFA
 Temperature -40~180 ℃(Note:limited by the lining material's temperature resistance,reference sheet 7)
 Shell Material Carbon steel(Stainless steel can be customized)
 Protection Level IP65,IP67,IP68
 Connection GB/T9119-2010(Can connect with HG20593-2009 flange directly),JIS,ANSI or customized.


Main performance of the electrode materials

MaterialCodePerformance of Corrosion Resistance
316LVUsed in industrial water,domestic water,sewage,neutral solution and the weak acid such as carbonic acid and acetic acid.
Hastelloy Alloy CHcOxidation resistance acid,such as nitric acid,mixed acid,complex acid mixed with sulfuric acid.Have good corrosion resistance to seawater,alkali solution and chloride solution.

Inapplicable occasion:hydrochloric acid and Hydrofluoric acid.

Hastelloy Alloy CHbHas good corrosion resistance to non-oxidative acid,alkali,salt.

Inapplicable occasion:nitric acid.

TiTiHave good corrosion resistance to sea water,chloride,hypochlorite and various hydroxides.

Inapplicable occasion:reducing acids like hydrochloric acid,sulfuric acid,hydrofluoric acid.

TaTaAlmost have the corrosion resistance to all chemical media,generally used for hydrochloric acid and sulfric acid.

Inapplicable occasion:hydrofluoric acid,alkali and fuming sulfric acid.

Tungsten CarbideWHave good wear resistance,used for the wearing media such as mud and paper pulp,but with poor corrosion resistance.
Platinum-iridium AloyPtBesides aqua acid and ammonium salt,almost have the corrosion resistance to all acid,alkali and salt solution.
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