high quality hydraulic oil flow meter

Hydraulic Oil water turbine Flow Meter

Quick Details

Name:: High Quality Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter
Accuracy: ±1%R; ±0.5%R; ±0.2%R
Protection Class: IP65 or IP68
Explosion class: EXIA II CT4
Medium: Non Corrosive Liquid
Diameter Nominal: DN4~DN200
Communication: RS-485,MODBUS-RTU
Sensor: +12V DC (Optional: +24V DC)
Pressure: 86 to 106 KPa
Output: 4- 20 mA ,Pulse ,battary,RS485


Product information

304 stainless steel ,Duplex steel
Medium temperature
Ambient temperature
Power supply
+12VDC or +24VDC
Sensor distance
Distance from sensor to display meter up to 500m


Sensor selection

In general,the sensor caliber should be determined based on the normal flow range,according to the operating conditions.If the diameter of the pipe is inconsistent with the diameter of the sensor, consider expanding or constricting to meet the flow range.


Installation Notes

1.Flow sensor can be installed horizontally or vertically,The direction of the fluid must be up when installing vertically, the liquid should be filled with pipes, and there must be no bubbles

2.The flow direction of the liquid during installation coincides with the direction of the arrow on the sensor housing. The upstream of the sensor is a straight pipe section with a length of 20 times and a straight pipe section with a diameter of not less than 5 times in the downstream.

3.Sensors should be kept away from strong external electromagnetic fields and cannot be avoided. Shielding measures should be taken.

4.It is recommended to install a bypass pipe at the installation site of the sensor for maintenance without affecting the normal delivery of the liquid.



It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other industries, as measured ingredients, control, finished filling and other uses of flow measurement instruments.


1.Q:How to install the turbine flow meter?
A:We could provide manual of turbine flow meter ,kindly contacts us freely

2.Q:How can i choose this flow diameter
A:That 's according to your pipe diameter and flow range,Certainly we can offer you profession guide to choose suitable mirco flow meter.

3.Q:Are you manufacture?
A:Yes ,we are manufacture,welcome our customers to visit our factory.

4.Q:When will you production ?
A:Once the deposit arrive our bank account,we will give you the receipt and arrange to produce immediately.

5.Q:Can your factory be customized?
A:Yes,we can customized accourding to your special requirments.

6.A:Q: How about the quality of the managements ?
A: We have a complete quality control system , all of our products will be fully pre-inspection by QC departments before shipping to you

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