incorporate type electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter for waterElectromagnetic Flowmeter for water

Quick Details

Product Name: Incorporate Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Nominal diameter: 15-2000mm
Velocity range: 0-10m/s
Degree of accuracy: ±0.5%R, ±1%R ( < DN20)
Nominal pressure: 1MPa (DN15-DN800), 1.6MPa(DN15-DN800), 2.5MPa(DN15-DN600)
Sensor: 0℃- +80℃ or -25℃- +120℃ or +70℃- +250℃
Incorporate type: -10℃- +55℃
Output signal: 4-20mA, Pulse/Frequency 2kHz(Default), 5KHz(Max)
Supply voltage: 110/220VAC (100-240VAC), 50Hz/60Hz; 24VDC±10%
Digital communication: RS-485, support standard Mudbugs-RTU protocol; GPRS

Product Description

The PMF Electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of the sensor and convertor, and the sensor consists of measuring tube, electrodes, excitation coils, iron core and shell and other components. After the traffic signal is amplified, processed and operated by convertor, you can see the instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, output pulse, analog current and other signals for the measurement and control of fluid flow. PMF series electromagnetic flowmeter adopts the smart converter so that it not only has the measurement, display and other functions, but also supports the remote data transmission, wireless remote control, alarm and other functions.

Functional characteristics

Excellent measurement repeatability and linearity
Good reliability and anti-interference performance
Good pressure resistance sealing ability
Low pressure loss measurement tube
High intelligentization


Working principle

The working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The two electromagnetic coils of upper and lower ends in the right figure generate a constant or alternating magnetic field, and the induced electromotive force can be detected by the space of flowmeter wall between two electrodes on the left and right when the conductive medium flows through the electromagnetic flowmeter. The induced electromotive force is proportional to the conductive medium velocity, the magnetic flux density of the magnetic field and the conductor width (flowmeter tube diameter), then the medium flow can be achieved through operation.


Executive standardJB-/T 9248-1999
Nominal diameter15-2000mm
velocity range0-10m/s
Degree of accuracy±0.5%R, ±1%R ( < DN20)
Medium conductivity≥5µS/cm, Actual conductivity≥30µS/cm

Nominal pressure

1.0MPa  1.6MPa2.5MPa4.0MPa
DN15-DN800 DN15-DN800DN15-DN600DN15-DN50
Environment temperatureSensor0℃- +80℃ or -25℃- +120℃ or +70℃- +250℃
Incorporate type-10℃- +55℃

Highest medium temperature

Separate body-type

CR chloroprene rubber liner (CR)+80℃
Polytetrafluoroethylene lining (F4)+120℃
Polite lining (F46)+120℃
Teflon (PFA)+180℃
Fluorosilicone rubber (FVMQ)+250℃
Output signal4-20mA, Pulse/Frequency 2kHz(Default), 5KHz(Max)
Cable entry sizeM20*1.5 (Standard nylon waterproof connector, optional explosion-proof metal connector)
Supply voltage110/220VAC (100-240VAC), 50Hz/60Hz; 24VDC±10%
Power dissipation≤15VA
Digital communicationRS-485, support standard Mudbugs-RTU protocol; GPRS
Signal electrode and the ground electrode materialStainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, titanium, tantalum, platinum
Form of electric poleInterpolating, extrapolating electrode need to customize
Number of electrodesStandard configuration 3-4 electrodes(two measuring electrodes plus a grounding electrode),according to the caliber configuration
Flange standardConform to the international GB9119(customize according to customer’s demand)

Connecting flange material

Standard carbon steel and stainless steel are needed to be customized
Grounding ring materialStainless steel, and stainless steel that contains molybdenum, etc.

Stainless steel 1 Cr18Ni9Ti(Ordinary austenitic stainless steel SUS321)

Housing materialStandard carbon steel and stainless steel are needed to be customized

Level of protection

Separate body-typeIP68, IP65
Incorporate typeIP65

Interval/wire length (separate body-style)

10m standard configuration connecting line, optional 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m

Ordering Guide

Ordering instruction

The following questions should be clear when selects the electromagnetic flowmeter:

1) The medium to be measured must be conductive fluid. And it isn't available to the gas, oil, organic solvents and the non-conductive medium.

2) When selects the model and specification, we should provide the measurement range of the electromagnetic flowmeter for the manufacturer, then the factory should make a demarcation within the scope of this measure in order to ensure accuracy of the instrument.

3) The users should provide manufacturers with the medium's process parameters, flow rate and temperature, pressure and other parameters of the selection table, then based on these parameters, flow rate and temperature, pressure and other parameters of the selection table, then based on these parameters, select the appropriate meter.

4) When selects the separate body-type electromagnetic flowmeter, the users should propose wiring length requirements to the factory according to the sensor distance away from installation location of converter.

5) If users need to install accessories, such as supporting flange, metal ring gasket, bolts, nuts, washers and other additional requirements, they can put them forward when ordering.

Selection type introduction

The selection type of instrumentation is very an important work in instrument application, the relevant data shows that two-thirds of the fault is the instrument wrong selection type in actual application or is caused by incorrect installation, please pay special attention.

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