hall effect g3/4″ plastic water flow sensor turbine meter dn20 liquid flow sensors

Hall Effect G34'' Plastic Water Flow Sensor

Specification Parameters

  • Name:Water Flow Senser
  • Product item no. : FS300A G3/4"
  • Flow Range:1-60 L/min
  • Material : Plastic
  • Working Pressure:<1.20/Mpa
  • Function : Sensor , flow rate control
  • Thread size : MaleG 3/4" 2.59cm
  • Size:L 67X38MM x 3/4" Male thread 2.59cm
  • Color : Black
  • Weight:66g
  • Flow Pulse: F(Hz)=(5.0xQ) -3% Q=L/min
  • Max. Working Current : 15mA (DC5 V)
  • Min. Working Voltage: DC 4.5V
  • Working Voltage:DC 3V~24V
  • Load Capacity: =10 mA (DC 5 V)
  • Operating Working Temperature : -25 Degree centigrade to +80 Degree centigrade
  • Material Temperature: 120
  • Accuracy : 2%~5%



  1. The water flow sensor is applied for water heater, imprinter, automatic water machine, and other flow metering equipment.
  2. Portable size and light weight, easy to install
  3. With stainless steel ball inside of the impeller, wear-proof
  4. Up and down structure stress applied for the seal ring, avoid to leak
  5. Imported Hall element, adopt pouring sealant encapsulation to avoid to leak and age


  • When magnetic material is close with the sensor, its characteristics may vary.
  • In order to avoid particle debris, the sensor must be installed after a filter.
  • The flow sensor installation has to avoid strong vibration and shaking of the environment, so as not to affect the sensor's measurement accuracy.



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