reed switch flow sensor water

reed switch flow sensor water

Quick Details

Material: POM Food Grade
Color: White
Flow Range: 0.25-2.5L/min
Connection: 6mm, straight structure
specifictation: 80*42*32mm or 62*42*32mm
Flow conversion: 1L Water=2653 pulse
pressure performance: 0.8MPA
Line specification and install direction: could be Customized
water temperature: less than 60 ℃
insulated resistor: >100MΩ


Technical parameter

1.Water quality requirement: Drinking water health standards, 0~60℃
2.Flow range: 0.25~2.5L/min (three types to be optional)
3.Withstand hydraulic pressure: ≤0.8MPa
4.Voltage/electric current: DC4.5~18V,≤10mA; can be customized DC24V
5.Insulation resistance: >100MΩ
6.Electrical strength: AC500V,50HZ
7.Output level: Rated voltage DC5V,high level ≥4.3V,low level ≤0.5V
8.Pulse duty cycle: 50%
9.Cumulative flow conversion: 1L water=2653pulse,accuracy 5%~8%
10.Custom made: Wire harness specification,the direction of water inlet and outlet, low power operation mode(≤10μA)


Water flow sensor is mainly used for gas water heater,electric water heater,washing machine,water-sale machine,wall hung boiler,electromagnetic water heater,water control (integrated)machine,water control machine,heat pump hot water project,E-card management system,intelligent water meter IC meter,campus card selling water system,self-service water-sale machine,water treatment equipment,water dispensing equipment,coolant system,recycle system,intelligent machine equipment,heating equipment,instrument and meters,pharmaceutical(manufacturing) equipment.



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