g1/4 pe pipe 0.2-8l/min 3.5-12vdc water flow sensor

/min Water Flow Sensor

Product Features

1, the product appearance of lightweight flexible, small size, easy to install.

2, the impeller internal inlaid stainless steel beads, never wear.

3, seal with the structure under the force never leaks.

4, the Hall element imported from Germany, and encapsulated with encapsulants to prevent water, never aging.

5, all raw materials are in line with ROHS testing standards



Water flow sensor consists of a plastic body, the flow of the rotor assembly and a Hall sensor.
It is installed in the water heater inlet end for detecting the flow of water when the water flow through the rotor assembly,
A magnetic rotor and the flow speed is adapted to change, the Hall sensor output corresponding pulse
Signal feedback to the controller, the controller is determined by the size of the water traffic regulation.



Non-violent shocks and chemical erosion.
Prohibited throw or collision.
Vertical mounting inclination of not more than 5 degrees.
Medium temperature should not exceed 100 °.


Lead the way

IN 1 red then positive
2 yellow OUT signal output line
3 black GND to negative

The technical parameters

1 Start the water flow: <0.2L / min (L / min)
2 Start water pressure: <0.1Mpa (MPa)
3 Work Flow Range: 0.2-8L / min (liter / min)
Note that the output signal can not be higher than 150HZ 4 with clean air impeller residual water, idle time should be within 30 seconds.
5 to withstand the maximum water pressure; 0.8Mpa (MPa)
6 operating voltage range: 3.5-12VDC (DC voltage) VDC
7 Operating Current: 0.5-1.5mA (mA)
8 Working temperature: 1-100 ℃ (Celsius)
9 Ambient temperature: -40-100 ℃ (Celsius)
10 Output characteristics: [32 * Q] Q is flow rate L / minHz (Hz) error of ± 3%
11 life: 106H (h) 5VDC1mA
12 Electric strength:> 600VAC (alternating voltage) leakage current of 3mA duration 5S
13 Insulation resistance:> 100mΩ (megohms) is connected with the insulation resistance between the valve housing or

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