lcd smart absolute pressure transmitter oil fields

LCD display explosion proof digital pressure transducer

Basic Info

Insulation Resistance: >100mΩ (500VDC)
Transport Package: Cartons


I Product Introduction

The pressure transmitter is mainly applied to measure pressure, negative pressure, absolute pressure and other parameters of gas, liquid or vapor, then to converts these parameters into 4~20mA DC signal output. It can connect with HART manipulator to promote self-diagnosis, reset measuring range and auto-zero functions. One side of pressure transmitter's δ cell receives measured absolute pressure signal, meanwhile, the other side is sealed to be base cell to measure absolute pressure of exhaust system, distillation tower, evaporator and crystallizer ect.



Measuring absolute pressure of pipeline and storage tank in petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industry.
Meeting high stability and precision requirements in electric power, city gas and other utilities.
Realizing stable measurement under temperature & humidity strictly controlled conditions in iron, steel, nonferrous metal and ceramic fields.
Using in the fields of pulp and paper where the resistance of chemical liquid and corrosion liquid is required.
Realizing stable measurement under temperature & humidity strictly controlled condition in machinery and ship building fields.

II Performance Parameters

Zero shift volume
Maximum positive shift volume: difference between shift volume upper range and measuring range.
No negative shift volume.

Measuring range
Lower range limit: 0%URL~+100%URL-Span
Upper range limit: Span~+100%URL

Measuring range and zero adjustment
HART manipulator, local button, communication software supported by HART protocol.

Response time
When the electrical damping of the transmitter turns off, the response time of the step input applied to the transmitter from 10% to 90% of the output range is less or equal to 0.4s.

Measuring medium:liquid, gas and vapor
Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC~85ºC
Accuracy:0.1% F.S
Insulation resistance:>100MΩ (100VDC)
Range down:100:1
Damping value: 0.1~16s (Option)
Temperature affecting value:0.1%F.S/10ºC
Output signal:4~20mA(Max 22mA,Min 3.8mA)
Communication interface:HART
Intrinsic safety:EX ia IIC T6
EMC:EN 61326-1:2013
Enclosure rating:IP68
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