designed for HVAC sensitive pressure switch

HVAC sensitive pressure switch

Quick Details

Model Number: AFS
Max. Current: refer to description
Max. Voltage: 277VAC
Max. Working Pressure: 0.5psi(0.03bar)


About us

A professional manufacturer and supplier of controls equipment and products design. Our products are related to gas safety control,temperature control,time control,over-heating control, pressure and temperature controls used on refrid\geration and compressor,water pressure switch and all kinds of solenoid valves and safety valves.



The company are general purpose air flow proving switches designed for HVAC, detection of blocked filters and fan s flow monitoring in ducts, pipes, tunnels, and other energy management applications. It may be used to sensepositive, negative or differential air pressure.The plated housing contain a diaphragm, a calibration spring and a snap-acting switch. The sample connections locate on each side of the diaphragm accepting a 0.25" OD tubing via the integral compression and nut. An enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the live switch terminal screws and the set point adjusting screw. The enclosure cover will accept a 0.5" conduit connection. The AFS-460 has a reset button located on the top surface of the enclosure cover.


Field adjustment

The adjustment rang of an AFS-222 Air Switch is 0.05±.02 “w.c. to 12.0”w.c. To adjust the set point, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise until motion has stopped. Next, turn the adjusting screw 4 complete turns in a clockwise direction to engage the spring. From this point, the next ten turns will be used for the actual calibration. Each full turn represents approximately 1.2” w.c.

Please note :To properly calibrate an air switch, a digital manometer or other measuring device should be used to confirm the actual set point.

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