low frequency radar level transmitter/radar level sensor


Quick Details

Product name: Low frequency radar level transmitter/radar level sensor
Measuring range: 0-35m
Process temperature: -40-250℃
Process pressure: -1.0-40Bar
Accuracy: ±3m
Frequency Range: 6.8GHZ
Output: 4-20mA/HART
Explosion protection rating: Exia IIC T6 Ga
Protection class: IP67
Warranty: 12 month



Low frequency radar level transmitter/radar level sensor is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel, the radar wave runs at the speed of light. Measuring the reference point to the material surface distance, a high frequency pulse and probe along the cable transmission, when the pulse encounters material surface reflected back by the receiver within the meter, and the time signal into a Material position signal.

Features radar type level transmitter

1,can measure any medium which dielectric greater>=1.4

2,The maximum range can reach to 6 meters

3,Can suppress the steam and foam, measurement is not affected

4,To ensure the measure,It is possible to use the double probe method to measure the liquid material with low dielectric constant

Specification radar type level transmitter

Range:wire type:0...20m;Bar type,Coaxial type:0…6m
Reapeatability :±3mm
Resolving power:1mm
Response time:>0.2S(option)
Output power signal:4-20mA
Communication interface:4-20mA or HART
Process interface:G1-1/2,G3/4
Process pressure: -1-60bar
Power:24VDC(±10%), Ripple voltage:1Vpp
Temperature: -40℃~+180℃
Case protection grade: IP67
Explosion grade:EXiaIICT6
Wire interface:2*M20×1.5(wire dia. 5----9mm



1. About Price:

The price is based on the functions on request, and also it is negotiable.

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The MOQ for all different types of our level transmitters is 1 unit.

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