intelligent vortex flow meter

Intelligent Vortex Flow Meter

Basic Info

Measuring Media: Liquids, Steam, Gases
Measuring Principle: Velocity
Measurement Object: Closed Pipeline
Certification: JIS, DIN, ANS, CE, ISO
Connection: Wafer or Flange
Diameter: Dn15~500 (1/2~20inches)
Output: 4-20mA, RS485; Hart
Delivery Time: 5-7 Working Days
Medium: Liquids, Steam, Gases
Certificate: Atex
Transport Package: Carton / Wooden Case
Specification: GB/ANSI/DIN/JIS


With on-site display function, Can be connected into the internal or external sensor and integrated to flow meter with temperature, pressure compensation function, With HART protocol advanced features. Intelligent circuit according to the characteristics of vortex sensor, the detection and closely integrated totalizer. The use of sophisticated low-power 128 × 64 full DOT matrix LCD display, local display instantaneous flow and total flow, and measuring the temperature and pressure compensation, display data-rich and intuitive. Common operating principle set the menu, and prompts the use of English letter, clear and intuitive, easy to operate.



1) Multi-point linear correction to achieve real-time linear compensation
2) To convert working condition flow rate into the mass or volume flow rate under standard condition directly,
Measuring simple and precise
3) 12 kinds of compensation algorithm to meet almost all working condition compensation calculation, rely on external
Data signal correction curve and the calibration of standards-based way, greatly improve the measurement accuracy.
4) Through manual setting to do various amendments, parameters and functions setting thus adapts to various
Pipeline and various medium measuremnt.
5) Three wire with a linear correction of the pulse output and three-linear correction current output, with RS485
Communications, The wire 4-20mA output can be multi-linear correction, and provides isolation of the original pulse
6) HART communication can be configured and read the measurement data comply international standards.



1)Pipe size: DN15 to DN500, DN, ANSI, DIN are optional
2)Operate pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63 (16Bar, 25Bar, 40Bar)
3)Accuracy: ± 1.0% repeat better than 0.33%; ± 0.5% repeat better than 0.15%
4) Display method: 128× 64 LCD display
5)Medium temperature: -40-350 Deg C
6) Protection class: IP65, IP67
7)Explosion-proof, ATEX, EX


Three wire output

1)Power supply: 12~24VDC, if dont need any signal output, can be as low as 6VDC; If powered by back up battery: 3.6V
Output method: Pulse signal output; Three wire; 4~20mA with linear calibration; RS485 communication


Two wire output

1)Power supply: 15~24VDC
2)Output method: 4~20mA with linear calibration
3)Optical isolation without amendment the original pulse output ( Need an additional power supply)
4)HART communication



Universal gas and liquids include corrosive medium, hot water, saturated steam, super-heated steam, natural gas measurement and so on

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